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The future of driving is electric. Electric cars are more efficient, easier to maintain and better for our environment. However, charging is currently hampering this transition. Charge points are expensive, can be difficult to access and City Authorities can’t put them everywhere. Furthermore and most importantly, there is:

range anxiety

noun informal

worry on the part of a person driving an electric car that the battery will run out of power before the destination or a suitable charging point is reached.
"range anxiety is often cited as the most important reason why many are reluctant to buy electric cars"

Enter Bolt...Charging as a Service. Our platform remotely monitors electric car batteries, allowing our customers to conveniently park anywhere and receive a hassle-free charge from our mobile electric charging vans. While we charge, we offer a range of auxiliary services such as waterless carwashing and valet - a "one-stop shop" for sustainable B2B fleet management. Here at Bolt, sustainability is very important to us so we obtain all electricity used in our service from renewable sources.

Conventional wisdom says that batteries have already won the race to replace the internal combustion engine in the next generation of passenger cars. The only question is how fast they do it. We, at Bolt, have a mission to help the battery win faster and therefore, do our bit for the planet, by offering solutions to the last remaining stumbling block, charging. By doing so, we enable our clients to reduce their carbon footprint from transportation significantly.

How bolt Works

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Sign up via app or alternatively, we can connect to your system.

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Our platform monitors the electric cars battery level and location.

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Customers can conveniently park anywhere, avoiding the annoying search for a free charging point.

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With "one-tap", the charge is arranged or alternatively, agree a set battery limit and our system will automatically dispatch a Bolt charger.

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Bolt chargers drive (electric van, of course!) our mobile unit to the electric car and recharges the battery. While charging, our range of sustainable auxiliary services are provided.

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To ensure we operate a fully sustainable service, all electricity used is derived from renewable sources.

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